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  Step 1:登陆&打印准考证
  Step 2:核对准考证上的信息(包括考号、姓名、护照号、护照有效期)考号进你的Account查看profile即可。
  Step 3:确认或更新你的名字或护照信息(如果有更新护照的情况,请一定要更新你的护照信息)可以填表更新。在后台回复【护照】即可下载pdf附上护照扫描件,填写好发给协会更新即可(cmservices@cfainstitute.org)。(这几天属于高峰期,一般是3-5个工作日就可以更新好)
  1.Access your Ticket(登陆你的准考证)
  Before viewing your ticket, you will be prompted to read and agree to the conditions, requirements, policies, and procedures for the CFA exam. We strongly encourage you to carefully read and understand all of the testing policies.
  2.Print Your Ticket(打印准考证)
  Print your ticket on clean, unused paper. Note: You must not write on the front or back of your exam admission ticket at any time.
  3.Review Your Ticket(检查准考证)
  Different browser settings can cause some ticket information to be missing on your printed version. Make sure your printed ticket displays the following information correctly:
  Your CFA Institute ID number
  The last four characters of your passport number
  Your name as it appears in your CFA Institute account
  Your passport expiration date
  The name, date, and location of the test center where you are assigned to take the exam.
  4.Confirm or Update Your Name or Passport Information(确认相关信息)
  The information on your ticket reflects what is in our records. If this information does not exactly match what appears on your valid, unexpired, international travel passport, you will not be permitted to sit for the exam and you will forfeit your registration fee.
  5.Check Your Test Center Address(检查考点地址)
  Testing facilities may change from year to year; visit your test center before exam day to get familiar with the location. Special instructions may be available for your exam location. Candidates arriving more than 30 minutes past the exam start time will not be admitted. No one is permitted to leave the session early.
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